Lake Water Level

The water level of Wabamun Lake can be a perennial topic of concern among lakeside residents and other lake users. For some, the lake is either too high or too low, depending on the amount of snowfall over the winter or the results of significant rain events or dry spells during spring and summer. Wabamun Creek (southeast corner of the lake) is the sole outlet of the lake. A weir has been placed at the lake outlet to maintain lake level. The top of the weir is at an elevation of 724.55 m (2,376.5 ft.) above sea level. If more water is entering the lake than is leaving it, the water will rise above the level of the weir (see photo above, taken at the weir in the spring of 2014). However, if less water is entering the lake than leaving it, then the lake water level can drop below the weir mostly as a result of evaporation, which is often the chief cause of water loss at the lake (see photo below, taken at the weir in the summer of 2015).

For current lake level information, go to Alberta Environment and Parks, Wabamun Lake Water Level or the federal government's Real-Time Hydrometric Data for Wabamun Lake.