Welcome—Wabamun Watershed Management Council

Wabamun Lake is located in central Alberta about 60 km west of the city of Edmonton. The Wabamun Watershed Management Council (WWMC) is a not-for-profit society that represents a cross-section of Wabamun Lake stakeholders who are committed to maintaining and improving the health of the lake and its watershed.

The council works with governments, organizations, businesses and individuals to inform and educate stakeholders about the biology of the lake and the issues affecting the watershed and lake. It sponsors and coordinates programs and activities that gather information about the biology and use of the watershed and that improve the health and viability of the lake.

If you wish to report an abuse of public land (dumping of garbage, habitat destruction, unauthorized trails, etc.), phone the Report-A-Poacher 24-hour hotline at 1-800-642-3800. A Fish and Wildlife Officer will record your complaint and direct it to the appropriate authority.

The WWMC has been involved in many projects, including:
  • mapped the riparian area around the lake to determine how much is natural and how much is disturbed by development
  • published a State of the Watershed Report for the lake (see Studies and Reports)
  • providing information about invasive species in or threatening to enter the lake
  • providing information to lakeside residents about how to reduce nutrient loading in the lake, maintaining and improving lake-water quality
  • helping develop a Subwatershed Land Use Plan for the lake
  • developing a biological inventory of the flora and fauna in and about the lake

If you are concerned about the health of Wabamun Lake, consider becoming a member of the WWMC. It’s free and you will receive periodic e-mails about what’s going on in the watershed and how you can help.


The WWMC has partnered with the following organizations to complete specific projects, for which the WWMC is most grateful:

Corporate Members

The WWMC is grateful to the following businesses and organizations that have become corporate members of the WWMC to support its ongoing programs and activities:


Summer Village of Betula Beach     Summer Village of Point Allison


 Falher Drugs     Seba Beach Ice Cream Stop


Camp Oselia Society             Wabamun & District Lions Club