2018 Ice Heave

Shoreline Restoration Workshop

The two-day workshop that occurred on Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, 2018 was a success with 50 people in attendance. The WWMC thanks all those who participated and we hope you will put some of the things you learned into practice to help maintain the health of our lake.

Buckled shoreline as a result of the ice heave.

Buckled shoreline as a result of the ice heave.

The Ice Heave

On January 2, 2018, the lake ice on Wabamun expanded laterally and heaved up and buckled the shoreline along the north shore of the lake, from Seba Beach east to just west of the Village of Wabamun. There was some shoreline upheaval along the south shore, but the greatest damage was along the northwest shore. The damage to the shoreline was extensive in many areas including damage to buildings and structures. Long-time residents and cottage owners stated they had not seen such damage from ice in over 60 years. According to the Alberta Geological Survey, similar phenomena occurred on several lakes in central Alberta from January 1 to 2. For an explanation of the phenomenon, go to The Power of Lake Ice as well as Alberta Environment and Parks' Respect Our Lakes: Understanding Ice Ridges and Ice Pushes.

On January 19, Spectre UAV flew an aerial survey of portions of the northwest shore to document the damage. You can download a copy of the report of the flyover here (PDF, 9.2 mb).

If your shoreline is impacted by the ice heave or any other damage, please go to the Alberta Environment and Parks pages on Lakeshores for information about how to proceed to repair the damage without harming the lake.