The Wabamun Watershed Management Council was formed in 2006 to address the concerns raised in Dr. David Schindler's (2004) report, Lake Wabamun: A Review of Scientific Studies and Environmental Impacts (PDF) concerning the health and viability of Wabamun Lake.  The report recommended that “a permanent citizens panel, whose objective is to protect the health of Wabamun Lake,” be established and represent “the community of Wabamun Lake users.” The WWMC provides consensus-based recommendations to its partners concerning watershed management within the Wabamun Lake watershed.


The Wabamun Lake Watershed is a healthy ecosystem with a community that shares its collective responsibility to be the best stewards of that environment.


To guide the development, management and stewardship of Wabamun Lake through collaborative watershed planning, research, and public education.

There are three classes of membership in the council:

  • General Members: any Albertan with an interest in maintaining and improving the health of the lake and its ecosystem.

  • Board Members: are either elected from the general membership or appointed depending upon the sector they represent. Sectors include:

    • Watershed Residents: 4 positions available for representatives from summer villages and Parkland County

    • Government: 5 positions for representatives from federal, provincial, municipal and First Nation governments

    • Non-Government Organizations: 4 positions for representatives from environmental and recreational organizations

    • Industry/Business: 4 positions available for representatives from industries and businesses in the watershed, including agriculture

    • Members-at-Large: 3 positions elected from the general membership

  • Corporate Members: companies or organizations that agree to partner with the WWMC in achieving the Council's goals.

If you are interested in maintaining and improving the health of Wabamun Lake and its watershed by becoming a member, find out how you can Get Involved.