2018-Drone Fly Over Report - 2018 Ice Heave Damage

On January 2, 2018, the ice on Wabamun Lake expanded laterally, buckling and heaving the shoreline, and damaging property. Along the north shore, from Seba Beach to just west of the Village of Wabamun, there was damage to some buildings and structures. Long-time residents and cottage owners along the north shore stated they had not seen such damage from ice in over 60 years. According to the Alberta Geological Survey, similar phenomena occurred on several lakes in central Alberta from January 1 to 2. Read More

2014-Riparian Health of Wabamun Lake

The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) was approached by the Wabamun Watershed Management Council in 2014 to assess the health of the Riparian Management Area of Wabamun Lake. The ensuing project was conducted using new aerial videography methods. These methods included video footage captured by a quad‐copter unmanned air vehicle (UAV‐ commonly known as a drone), high‐definition footage and ortho‐rectified photographs on an ArcGIS platform. The use of this innovative approach was considered to be highly successful and cost‐ effective. Read More

2013-Lake Wabamun Boat Launch Study

Wabamun Lake is a popular summer destination for boaters in the Capital region. An increase in demand by boaters for improved boat launch facilities has warranted an examination of current and future boat launch facilities on the lake. A preliminary assessment needs to be completed of the existing launch facilities, both the water and land based conditions, the demand for launch opportunities and possible alternative launch locations elsewhere, on the lakeshore. The resulting strategy should identify opportunities and constraints for upgrading both existing and alternative launch facilities on the lake including an identification of best practices, estimated capital costs, management approaches and implementation guidelines.
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