2002-Wabamun Lake Water Balance: 1982 to 2001

Wabamun Lake, approximately 60 km west of Edmonton, is large, shallow, and generally well mixed. Sport fish in the lake include northern pike, yellow perch, and lake whitefish. There are a unique mix of land uses in the lake watershed, which include undisturbed bush and forest, agriculture, two coal mines with active and reclaimed areas, three coal-fired power plants, major transportation (road and rail) corridors, residences, and recreation. The mines supply fuel for the power plants, operated by the TransAlta Utilities Corporation (TAU). Industrial wastewaters, runoff and cooling water from the Whitewood mine and Wabamun power plant are discharged to the lake. Over time, TAU operations associated with the mines and power plants in the watershed have caused cumulative and ongoing impacts on the lake level. Read More